Bauer Media’s Growing Identity

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January 20, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

We are twenty days into January 2015 and Bauer Media has completed their redevelopment executed at the latter end of 2014. Q4 of 2014 saw Bauer take their London radio stations to  1 Golden Square, London from being based at Maplin House off of Regent Street for the past fifteen years;the Kiss and Magic family going National, Absolute Radio having success with Project Banana and Bauer radio stations being sponsored by brands such as Viber and Century Fox.

But, what caught my eye today took me up to the North of the country and into the land of the Loch Ness Monster. Forth 1, 2 and 3 relaunched at the beginning of the month and the social media team have come up with a great way of showcasing their stations. Seth Resler comments “ we’re used to talking on the radio, which can only be heard in our market, so we don’t need to tell people where we are when we’re on the air. But anybody from anywhere in the world can come to your website, so you need to make it obvious what city your station is in.” I took this from an online website test that Seth did when conducting research into a radio stations website usability. What one can infer from this is that potential listeners will not necessarily know about your radio station and therefore it is up to you to entice them in and tell them exactly what you are about, what you play and how you play it. My case study today is the Forth Radio brand part of Bauer Media North that has three radio stations that fall into the follow categories.

  • Forth 1- For 25-44 Year old audiences
  • Forth 2-For over 45+ Year old audiences
  • Forth 3- For 15-25 Year old audiences

Watch the video below and see how this message was executed:

What I like about this video is it has come up with connotations to each target audience and reflected that in the language that it has portrayed so that the radio station in question for that target listener can be felt like they are being spoken to. In the current climate where we have so much networked radio, it is refreshing to see that the online team are still concerned with telling the audience what they are about rather then expecting the audience to know and just accept that a show might feature on more than one station by chance rather than saving on costs.


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