The Bedroom DJ Life

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October 26, 2014 by johnnyseifertradio

Teddy bears line up; it is time for today’s class based on what I learnt in school today with real people. Back when I was six years old I was known as Mr Seifert wearing sunglasses, taking the register, writing on the white board ready to teach the two times table to my class of obedient yet silent teddy bears that were named based on their appearance. However, after taking a suitcase of teddy bears on holiday to teach on the balcony in my hotel room I realised it was time I grew up. I sent the teddy bears to the charity shop and became an infamous bedroom DJ.


Visiting my Grandma on a Friday afternoon was a big treat. I would be picked up from school and sit in the prestigious front passenger seat in the car. It was the time I was given a toasted sardine sandwich with a hint of lemon, two chocolate digestives, an apple and a cup of milk. Aged seven I was so excited that I could get this box that had a tape in and start talking to myself. I do not remember what I spoke about, I just remember that I would have endless fun speaking into a box about my day. The best bit about this experience is that I was in control. I was the person who would drive the box. The record, pause, stop and play buttons were mine. It is funny though that years on when walking in to a radio studio, I know what the normal faders do but above that there are a billion knobs and buttons that I have no idea what they do.

1441583_10152041228536737_2123787984_nForward five years and I was a spotty shy twelve year old with a computer in my bedroom to hide behind. Those were the days, logging on to MSN with the standard conversation “Hey UK-NB-U-NB-Wuu2?-NM, U?-NM” conversation finished. However, I found another feature of the computer and that was the built in recorder. I would have hours of fun with my microphone acting as a radio presenter. I had not learnt the art of talking over intros and back announcing but I had such fun pressing play on Windows Media Player and entertaining myself by speaking out aloud the stories that I wanted to share with an invisible audience.

The invisible audience was the best. There was no one to judge you, there were no hour clocks, the news bulletins could have happened at 20:09 or at 20:11 and it made no difference. Those were the days, the easy days of life. Furthermore, it was all done from your bedroom sitting in boxer shorts and not moving there was no long train journeys or early starts and late finished to impress. Just me, a microphone and my computer.

So, I want to know what were YOUR memories of being a Bedroom DJ ?


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