A Greg James Meze Menu on BBC Radio

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October 13, 2014 by johnnyseifertradio

I was asked what I would make a girl on a date if I cooked for her. My answer was simple, a Greek style meze. A meze is lots of small dishes and by making a meal like this the girl does not feel that she has to eat too much and as a boy, I do not feel bad compensating eating too much. For example, I would have a dish of humous, falafel, fish balls, Israeli salad, schnitzel, pita bread, crudities, latkes and pickle cucumbers.


This style of eating made me think of a format on the radio that accommodates lots of emotions and it led me to The Radio Academy Award’s 2014 Best Entertainment show, Greg James on BBC Radio 1 (16:00-19:00 produced by Pippa Taylor). Greg James is an ex-SRA Best Male (2005) winner which led him to hosting a slot on BBC Radio 1 in the ‘graveyard slot’ before being promoted to lunchtime (2009) and onto drive-time (2012) where he currently is.

Greg James hosts his show with a mixture of features that are kept in their slots to form a radio routine. Below I have outlined (like a good stalker) how this works.

Daily: 16:15- The Going Home Song

Monday: 17:00 Star Caller (speak to a celebrity on the phone)

Tuesday:          Nerd Alerts (caller point out wrong information)

Wednesday:     Rage Against the Answer Machine (Caller complains about something)

Thursday:         Big Guest (Guest in the studio)

Friday:              Feet Up Friday (A group of friends host Radio 1 for 30 minutes)

Daily: 18:00     The Ten Minute Take Over (Three song requests)

As a listener having this meze menu means that you can tune in or out based on the feature knowing that you can have a little bit of the show or a big part of the show. This helps to set out a routine for you to follow. For example, I will cook my dinner at 17:30-18:00 and be back in front of the radio at 18:00 for the Ten Minute Take over. I know its  17:45 and 18:00 based on the jingles played which help keep me track of time.

As a religious radio listener it means that the format includes celebrities, classic songs, humour, friendly discussions and serious interviews all in one show showing the diversity of the production team and Greg James presenting skills. This is the reason that I enjoy the show so much and make sure that I try and listen to the features at least if not the whole show.


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