G-d Is a DJ

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October 6, 2014 by johnnyseifertradio

Okay, so this is not strictly true- he may have created the land and sea, day and night and in some way radio studios but he may not be  an actual DJ. However, it does give me an excuse to play a bit of Pink on a Monday afternoon.

Today’s’ blog is all about radio stations Vs presenter personalities. There is a famous phrase in TV and Radio that ‘No one is bigger then the show’. For example, Chris Moyles’ was getting eight million listeners back in 2012 yet he was getting an audience that was out of BBC Radio 1’s 15-29 demographic and controller Ben Cooper decided to replace him with Nick Grimshaw who was cool and in trend. But, if this is true and the music presumably takes preference why are radio stations showcasing their talents first and foremost.

Jonathan Jacob is a Content Solution Manager at Global radio and has come up with a strategy for Bauer Media’s Absolute Radio by showcasing comedy as the way of enticing people to Absolute through their talents Christain O’Connell and Frank Skinner. His idea is to have advertisements on the road which would give an awareness to drivers of the station that gets 1.5 million listeners. In my  opinion, I think these advertisements work and a lot of people would know Frank Skinner from his work on Room 101 for example and through following his career would want to join him on Absolute Radio.

Similarly, BBC Radio1 have used the campaign ‘The Best DJ’s.

I can not lie, BBC Radio 1 does have the best DJ’s such as Huw Stevens for new talent, Zane Lowe for world exclusives and Danny Howard for DJ mixes. Having these talents have brought listeners to the station who want to hear the best new music in contrast to the commercial top 40 playlists which could be heard on Capital Fm. What would happen if these DJ’s were replaced with presenters who had no specialist music knowledge but could only intro/outro songs , would people still listen in?

My final example is Fubar Radio. John Gaunt, the controversial radio presenter last week was sacked from the station. For those unfamiliar with Fubar Radio, Fubar Radio is a commercial-free online radio station which requires a subscription to listen to with no regulations such as swearing and what can and can not be spoken about. However, in news this week it seems that Fubar is close to shutting down after running into debts due to not paying presenters and lifting the subscription facility. With no advertisements or subscription funding they can not afford to run the station. So again, has loosing one of their big controversial talents effected the radio station?

Therefore, I want to argue that whilst it is true a radio station can survive without the big DJ’s , it is more likely that in actual fact the DJ is bigger then the station as listeners will go to their favourite DJ for guidance as that is their radio friend, the person they trust to give them the information they need.


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