For Radio Inviduals’ Every Nob Does Something

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September 30, 2014 by johnnyseifertradio

The second lesson that I learnt in school to learn for exams was to use pneumonics and so using that, today’s blog is called ‘For Radio Individuals Every Nob Does Something’. To begin with, can I ask just ask how many radio presenters actually know what every button on the mixing desk does? I was always taught to know the PFL and the levels button and NEVER touch anything else. Anyway, more importantly if you actually look at the first letters it spells out ‘Friends’ to coincide this week with the 20th anniversary since the first episode.


As every radio presenter knows the radio is a friend and it is the medium that connects you straight to the listener unlike the Television to the viewer. I wanted to write a blog today about experiences based on David Lloyd’s blog this week which looked at the age of radio presenters.  Whilst David looked at the experiences of the great radio presenters such as Chris Moyles and how you need to have had enough experience to relate to your audience I wanted to flip it around and look at the experiences of a radio graduate to keep in with this blogs theme.

I have a lot of girl-friends and a good set of boy-friends but more girls than boys and it was last night that I realised why. Boys are very uniform, they like their sport, beer and being laid back. In contrast, every girl is different in how they view themselves, their interests from being Barbie girls to being tomboys and into football and this is what makes the difference very interesting. If you were to sit down with a boy 1:1 it is likely you will be talking about the latest Arsenal Vs Tottenham match and then move onto talking about work. However, once you walk away from that meeting what are you going to have remembered? In contrast, if you were to sit down with a girl with an extra-hot hot-chocolate with skimmed milk and a shot of peppermint and talk about insecurities, life and relationships you are likely to walk away remembering some key points. When you push that fader up on the mixing desk (or down in BBC Local radio) it is just you with the microphone and the listener with their earphones.

The average listener does not care about your life history; all they care about is that you can relate to them. There has always been a joke amongst my friends about how I love Loose Women. But, what better way to understand women then hearing what they think and analysing it compared to my thoughts? Having this knowledge means that I can come on air and that text message that is sent by Mrs Smith in Marlow I can instantly respond to and try and understand the mood she is in right now and even suggest a song to cheer her up.

What I am trying to say is that as a graduate at the age of twenty-one, I am trying to build up my experience in people to relate to the wider audience. If I do not start now, how aged thirty do I expect to be presenting on a radio station that has over nine million listeners?


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