WWWH – Who, What, When, Why, How?

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September 29, 2014 by johnnyseifertradio

I was always taught in school that you should look at a text (not the messages we now get to our phones full of emojis) and ask yourself five questions, yes the wwwwh. Lets start this lesson by deconstructing this WWWH phrase I have come up with for this post. We know what WWWWH stands for as its the title of this blog but, notice how there is an H for How that is not a W? Well that is what I am like currently at the moment, I am the H to the wwww employed graduates, but how did it end up like this?

Who– My name is Johnny Seifert and I graduated with a First Class Honours B.A in Media and Communications (Radio) in May 2014 from Birmingham City University. I have worked at lots of radio stations as an intern on local-national level. I have 3 A Levels A*-B in Geography,Media and Sociology. I have 9 GCSE’s 9A*-B. I am skilled in Adobe Audition CS6, Adobe Premiere, Avid and Microsoft Office.

What- Well I have described to you my CV but what am I? I am a deep thinker, a radio anorak, a TV geek, a cook, a family-man and a hot chocolate drinker.

When– When am I… (what). Okay, so this idea of mine does not exactly fit but we will go with the flow so lets look back at the history of Johnny Seifert in age.

Aged 7- When I grow up I wanted to present Blue Peter

Aged 12- When I grow up I want to present The Big Toe Radio Show (BBC7 now BBC4Xtra)

Aged 14- When I grow up I want to present on BBC Radio1

Aged 21- When I grow up I want to present on BBC Radio1 and This Morning on ITV

Why– Looking at the whens you can see I have never changed. Like the boys I never wanted to be a footballer, a firefighter or a superhero when I grow up, I just always wanted to entertain people. I love the medium of radio and why do I love it you ask? Why would someone like talking about anything for 30 seconds before a song and just pressing buttons listening to endless adverts? Radio means more than that, radio is a friend, a listener, someone to talk to , to laugh with , a constant in life. Through out my life I will go through many girlfriends, friends and move around the country but the one constant thing will be tuning into my favourite radio presenters, with the familiar jingles and familiar idents. So, I decided that after studying for my A Levels I am going to try and turn this passion and enthusiasm into a full time career. Instead of following in my friends footsteps of studying a Batchelor Science in Sociology, Geography or Business Studies; I decided that I would go to a Vocational University which my older and wiser peers call a Polytechnic and get a degree in radio which would hopefully open some pathways. During my three years I networked with lots of radio presenters, station directors and radio lecturers across the country who I am glad I have learnt a lot from and continue too as well as working in some of the best radio stations in the country (which are now going National from Local). In addition, I made some great friends who I know I will stay friends with in both social circles as well as radio circles. But now I have graduated I am looking for that first job, that station controller or director who believes in me that I can make a difference to their radio station and help shape the future radio industry which still 90% of people in Britain listen to.

How am I- I am not bad considering I have written my first post in the words of the TOWIE theme tune, ‘The Only Way Is Up’.


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